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Codice: 2*3*19


Airless pump for removal works, simultaneously usable by two operators

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Very high production pump, (with delivery up to 18 l/min.), suitable to apply any type of coating, ideal for large removal projects. Specially designed to be simultaneously used by two operators. Version predisposed for those who typically carry on removal of roofings, and for any application of light viscosity materials, as surfactants or fixing materials. The equipment is endowed with double can collection system and double hose-gun assembly. Components are made of durable metallic leagues (Tungsten Carbide). Weight: 66 kg. Package dimensions: 93x73x82 cm. Lift: 80 m. Free delivery: 18 l/min. Max. pressure: 220 bar with 0 to 100% pressure regulation. Power: 2,2 kW - 3,0 hp. Motor: single phase 220 V - 50 Hz. The equipment comes complete with double gun with self-cleaner, 417 nozzles, 10 filters, connection hoses, manometers, 2x10 m delivery hose and double can collection system. The special 45 cm extension, the 100 cm reinforced connectable extension, the articulated link, the nozzles with 60° opening ray and the kit for direct connection to the tank are available as options. Also available is the special system for the encapsulation of asbestos cement ductings and smokestacks, suitable for 69 to 207 mm internal diameters. Works in connection with a normal compressor and wants a compressed ari supply of 0,5 cm/min. - max. pressure: 7 bar. Nozzle diameter: about 0,5 mm.

Pezzi/conf.    1


D.M. 06/09/1994

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