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Codice: 8*5*1


Bulk sampling kit

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Special system for bulk sampling. Sampling is carried out in full safety conditions, thanks to the stainless steel sampling tube, that, after withdrawing from the lagging, is capped at both sides with plastic tube caps, bagged in its self-sealing bag and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Prior to sampling, we advise injection treatment and a carton pad be placed onto the surface to be sampled. The kit consists of: 1 self-sealing plastic bag; 2 polyethylene tube caps with a diametre of 22mm; 1 stainless steel bar, 11cm long and with a diametre of 5mm; 1 stainless steel sharpened sampling tube, 15 cm long and with na diametre of 22mm.

Pezzi/conf.    1

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