Materiali ed attrezzature per bonifiche ambientali

Codice: 4*2*14


Mobile water filtration equipment

EFFE ESSE+ Mobile water filtration equipment 2

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Special equipment designed for the filtration of water coming from decontamination units and from the washing of asbestos contaminated materials. Maximum power consumption: 0,6KW. The 3-stage filtration compartment is composed by a sand bed filter, a 50micron wounded polypropylene filter cartridge and a 10micron wounded polypropylene filter cartridge. Available as optionals are the wireless automatic activation system, 1 micron filtration cartridges and activated carbon filters. Warm water and waste water ductings, to be connected to the 3/4" junctions, must be ordered separately, as their use depends on the decontamination unit position. Spare parts and after sales service are guaranteed by Vedani Srl staff and workshop.

Pezzi/conf.    1