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Mobile water heating and filtration equipment

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ElleTi is endowed with a 130 l fibreglass reservoir, directly connectable to the water supply. Fitted with special gravitational connection from additional external water reservoir (i.e.: a small tank). Ideal for workplaces with no water supply. The heating system consists of a thermostat, that regulates water temperature in the reservoir and of level probes, that assure the immersion of the resistance and automatic shut down. The shower faucet controls warm water output, thanks to a pressure switch system. ElleTi powerful pump collects contaminated water for filtration. The 220V single-phase control panel has a 220/24V transformer for the low tension control circuit. 3,3 KW maximum power consumption. The two-stage filtration compartment is composed by a sand bed filter and a 10 micron polypropylene filter cartridge (20" – 500 mm height). Available as optionals are the pump automatic activation system, the 1 micron filtration cartridge and the activated carbon filter for chemical-contaminated waters. Warm water and waste water ductings, to be connected to the 3/4" junctions, must be ordered separately, as their use depends on the decontamination unit position.

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