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PASCAL 5000 - 16

5000 m3/h three-stage filtration negative pressure unit

PASCAL 5000 - 16 5000 m3/h three-stage filtration negative pressure unit  2

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Negative pressure unit, 2 kW double motor, 5000 m3/h airflow, supplied in a practical and robust wooden box. Fitted with flow control, pressure gauge and filter blockage flashing alarm. Dimensions: motor unit 660 x 820 x 1220 mm mm; filter box 610 x 610 x 260 mm. Weight: respectively, 127 kg and 13 kg. Includes pre-filter, secondary filter and HEPA filter, while flexible ducting (400 mm diameter x 10 m length) for the connection of the motor unit to the filter box will have to be purchased separately. On request, we can supply a complete kit to perform negative pressure on multiple air collection points (2-exit spigot and two filter boxes). We advise to change the pre-filter every 2 days and the secondary filter every 2 weeks, HEPA filter every 3 months. A light + acoustic filter blockage signal can be fitted for remote filter blockage alarm, 10 m cable included. The equipment will have to be returned clean and complete of all its components (but the pre-filter) into the original package. In case of return of dirty/contaminated equipment , we will charge a forfeit of 100,00 €. For rental periods longer than six weeks, we will charge 260,00 € for the replacement and disposal of all filters. Depending on rental duration, the following discounts will be applied: from day 15 to 30 - 15% discount; 31 to 60 - 30% discount; 61 on - 45% discount.

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