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Encapsulant coating with fire-retardant properties, specifically formulated for the decontamination of friable asbestos

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Membrane consisting of plastic copolymers which, once applied on surfaces, penetrate and polymerize, generating a compact elastomeric film, washable, resistant to abrasion, which reduces the risk of airborne fibers on asbestos-containing materials such as sprayed asbestos insulation. The ability to expand and contract without breaking is maintained over time without hardening and crystallization. Friable Vesto Autoestinguente allows a considerable perspiration, while making the substrate perfectly waterproof: this prevents flaking and blistering. Friable Vesto Autoestinguente resists to UV rays, that contribute to the physical crystallization and migration of plasticizers. Friable Vesto Autoestinguente is brilliantly employed on sprayed asbestos surfaces, where it penetrates, consolidating the substrate. For the treatment of asbestos insulated pipelines, it must be used together with Reemat tissues for extra reinforcement. Once dry, Friable Vesto Autoestinguente has such elastomeric properties as to follow thermal and structural movements of the support, so as to prevent cracking and breakage. Friable Vesto Autoestinguente is also used to protect polyurethane foam from the negative effects of UV rays and weathering. It has been tested (see CSI PR N ° CF01/116F96 dated 15/04/1996) by CSI SpA Bollate authorized laboratory, ranking in Category 1 according to DM 26/06/1984, which regulates the classification of materials according to their reaction to fire; assigning a value from 0 to 5, the behavior of a material to fire is the better the lower is the value assigned. Available in 20 kg tanks, white and grey.


D.M. 26/06/1984

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