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Codice: 1*3*2


Conservative encapsulant homologated for asbestos cement

Caratteristiche tecniche:

Vesto is suitable to encapsulate asbestos fibres for both intrados and extrados of roof plates, and as a preliminary treatment to roofing insulation. It's an ideal product to protect polyurethane foams from the degrading effects of U.V. rays and generally to extend the duration of the coverage and to waterproof it. It's a special liquid, based on elastomeric acrylic polymers, ready for use and formulated with fire-retardant ingredients in order to reduce the risk of fire. To seal cracks or joints, Vesto can be employed together with the special Reemat Flexitape reinforcement. Where total reinforcement is needed, Reemat Standard reinforcement is recommended. In case of extrados asbestos concrete plates encapsulation (A-type: at sight from the outside) the substrate, free from surface-lying materials, must be treated with a primer coat of Pierre Uno. In case of slightly dirty plates, it is also recommended to apply a consolidant coat of Pierre Due. The conservative encapsulant Vesto is then applied in two coats of conflicting tonalities. As regards intrados asbestos concrete plates encapsulation (B-type: at sight from the inside), a background coat of coloured Vesto diluted with water at 20% is applied; subsequently, a second coat of a conflicting tonality can be applied. Extrados asbestos concrete plates encapsulation, prior to roof insulation (C-type: not at sight) requires the application of a single coat of coloured Vesto. Available in 20 kg cans, in the following colours: white, medium grey, light grey, red.



D.M. Sanità 20/08/1999 - Tipo A (a vista all'esterno)/B (a vista all'interno)/C (non a vista)

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